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The entire process of making exceptional quality custom patches is dependant on our capability to accurately translate your design, logo or idea to the medium, being embroidered, woven, printed or PVC. When we manufacture your product, we only use quality equipment and materials, resulting on a strong and long-lasting item that will give you the best bang for your buck. This includes the backing (iron-on, adhesive, velcro). We complete this process by packaging your product in individual bags, guarding it until it arrives safely up to you.

The printed patch is really a reliable, affordable go-to patch type which makes up in versatility exactly what it lacks in flashiness. Able to any design or image on its flat surface, the printed patch keeps a minimal profile in fashion – but it’s an ideal solution for groups on a tight budget looking to make something great without breaking the bank. If you’re searching for something a little more specialized, we suggest you take a look at our rundown on all seven styles.

The Advantages

Affordable- printed patches are the best way to obtain from Design A to apparel item B. They’re one the best to produce in big amounts, too, meaning savings get even steeper once you’re past one hundred or so. But considering their price points, they’re still incredibly…

Versatile – as customised patches depend on ink for their vibrancy, your color options are almost infinite. From simple lettering or designs to some full-on photo, a printed patch can accommodate anything your house printer could put on paper, with nearly as much fidelity. In fact, they’re the best option for all those wanting photo-realistic images.

From corporate giveaways to convention swag, club gear to summer camp giveaways, printed patches seem sensible for hundred of applications. And they’re appropriate for any attachment method: velcro, basic iron-on, super iron-on adhesive and even magnets.

Washable – don’t be afraid to clean sports gear and uniforms with printed patches. Just be certain you’ve sown them on or had them made out of an extra-strong iron-on adhesive. The ink stays on just like it would for a a favorite t-shirt – softer detergents do aid in increasing their lifespan, though.

Fast turnaround – ideal for last-minute projects as a result of ease of manufacturing them. Our trusty printing machines love big quantities.

The Disadvantages

Not textured – printed patches are two-dimensional and don’t provide to “pop” of embroidered patches or the “authentic” feel of woven patches.

Not waterproof – while capable of put up with rain and snow, printed patches are ultimately thread and ink, and shouldn’t be applied in situations where they’ll be submerged often and could mold – and after frequent washing, the ink is prone to fading just like that favorite t-shirt. They’ll also retain paint from paintball matches. PVC patches, on jzpenk contrary, will go swimming and paintballing the entire day without permanent effects.

Printed patches shine in their ability to consider any image or design, regardless how precise or photorealistic. This, plus their raw affordability, get them to a popular selection for band swag, corporate giveaways and more situations where bang-to-buck ratio needs to be particularly high.